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Government hunts liars. Cabinet wants wider pool of civil servants to take lie-detector tests

CONSULTATIONS are currently taking place with key public-sector employment regulators on how best to implement a targeted lie-detector system in sensitive areas of the state apparatus.

NHT buyout of Outameni a violation, Chang charges

Dr Horace Chang, opposition spokesman on housing, is expressing outrage at the decision by the National Housing Trust (NHT) to purchase the Trelawny-based attraction Outameni Experience.



Banks make interest rates killing

BANKS ARE making an 11 per cent spread on money they lend to the public. John Robinson, deputy governor of the Bank of Jamaica, said in Parliament on Wednesday that "spreads now, and have been for a very long time, remain very high".



Young Clarke delights for Harbour View

Teenager Rennico Clarke was the youngest player on show on Wednesday night in the rescheduled Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) match between the previously unbeaten Waterhouse and Harbour, but you would not have guessed.



24-7 twist the Gleaner's weekly entertainment guide

Today. Jah Bouks, Mystikal Revolution and Adahzeh are live at Redbones Blues Café, 1 Argyle Rd, New Kgn. Showtime 9:30 p.m.



Legalise lawbreaking?

Listen to this argument: People are breaking the law. Because an activity is illegal, people hide and do it, and may hurt themselves in the process...



Yendi lacks moral authority to gripe

THE EDITOR, Sir: I must express amusement at the stupidity of Yendi Phillipps' rant on the subject of high charges regarding ministerial phone calls on TVJ's Smile Jamaica programme on which she is a host.



Activists: Gov't clinging to political prisoners

YANGON, (AP): Myanmar has freed more than a thousand political prisoners since former military rulers handed over power three years ago, a move that has smoothed the former pariah state's international rehabilitation.



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